When treating a client I operate with the understanding that although we all have the same anatomy, we each have different bodies and that we use them differently.

With that in mind, I do not offer a "Menu of Services" or specific modalities but an integrated treatment that's as individual as your needs.  My goals are identical to yours;  to achieve relief from chronic pain and tension.  This is why I draw from many treatment styles to custom fit your massage to your body.

This is also reflected in my flat rate pricing of $45 for a 60 minute session and $55 for 90 minutes.

No longer accepting Groupons!  Call 877-788-7858 for a refund.


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Let's Fix Those Shoulders

Specializing in shoulder and upper body range of motion techniques, we'll work out a plan to relieve chronic pain or dysfunction in the upper body.

The shoulder is a complicated joint and more often than not, the spot that hurts probably isn't the problem but is in fact the symptom.

The arms are part of the shoulders as well so if you're suffering from tendonitis, tennis or golfer's elbow then I'm sure I can help.



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